Client Overview

Our client is an online platform where students and coaches meet in a digital ecosystem. This platform enables live sessions, knowledge sharing among peers, conducting coaching tasks, and tracking performance. As a startup company focusing on the US market, they aim to provide a comprehensive and interactive learning experience.

Project Background

The client sought to develop a robust, user-friendly platform that would facilitate seamless interaction between students and coaches. The goal was to provide an engaging, efficient, and secure environment for learning and coaching. The platform needed to support various functionalities to meet the diverse needs of users.

Our Solution

JK Lucent designed and developed a comprehensive EdTech platform with the following features:

Scheduling and Calendar Integration

Integration: Integrated scheduling tools and calendar synchronization to manage session timings efficiently.

Instant Messaging

Implemented instant messaging features for real-time communication between students and coaches.

Resource Sharing

Developed tools for sharing documents, videos, and other resources seamlessly.

Adaptive Learning Tools

Integrated adaptive learning tools to personalize the learning experience based on individual student needs.

Feedback and Rating System

Added a feedback and rating system to allow students to rate sessions and provide feedback.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrated secure payment gateways to manage transactions and session bookings.

Progress Tracking and Analytics

Developed analytics tools to track student progress and performance.

Data Security and Privacy

Ensured the platform was secure, protecting user data and maintaining privacy.

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Integration of Multiple Features

Features: Combining various functionalities into a single platform without compromising performance and usability.

Real-Time Performance

Ensuring smooth, lag-free video conferencing and real-time interaction features.


Building a platform that could handle a growing number of users and sessions simultaneously.

User Experience

Designing an intuitive and engaging user interface that catered to both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy users.

Data Security

Implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Results Achieved

The platform saw a significant increase in student and coach interaction through live sessions and interactive tools.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlined scheduling, resource sharing, and communication tools improved overall operational efficiency.


Successfully scaled the platform to support thousands of concurrent users without performance issues.
Received positive feedback from users regarding the intuitive interface and overall user experience.

Secure Environment

Achieved high standards of data security, ensuring user trust and compliance with data protection regulations.

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