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Game Development Services: Bringing Your Vision to Virtual Life
JK Lucent, your gateway to revolutionary game development services, is where your concepts evolve into captivating game experiences. Harnessing powerhouse applications like Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, Godot Engine, and GameMaker, our Melbourne-based team blends Australian ingenuity with our thriving Indian operations centre’s technical prowess.

Our Services

Full Cycle Game Development

We handle your game’s journey from concept to launch, ensuring a seamless development cycle that’s geared to captivate your audience.

Game Co-Development

Partner with us for game co-development, where our expertise meets your vision, forging the path for gaming marvels.

Game Porting

Break the barriers of platform limitations with our game porting services, delivering your games to a broader audience seamlessly.

Game Optimisation

Elevate your game’s performance with our unparalleled optimisation techniques, ensuring fluid visuals and a stunning user experience.

Solve And Innovate

Our veteran game engineers are the wizards you need to overcome intricate game development challenges and craft exceptional gaming experiences.

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Our Platforms


Crafting immersive PC gaming experiences with cutting-edge graphics and complex gameplay that pushes the boundaries of imagination.


Our console development brings your game to life on the most popular platforms, delivering thrilling experiences to living rooms worldwide.


Create addictive mobile games with us, designed for peak performance and engagement across all devices, ensuring players stay hooked wherever they are.


Step into the future of gaming with our AR/VR development, offering spellbinding interactive experiences that redefine the essence of gameplay.



Unity's versatility transforms your ideas into interactive gaming experiences across all platforms, ensuring maximum reach and player engagement.


OpenCanvas provides a suite of intuitive tools for artists to bring game characters and environments to life with a stroke of creativity.


C# offers a harmonious balance of simplicity and power, driving efficient game development across Unity-based projects.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine's high-fidelity graphics pioneer the most visually stunning gaming worlds, offering players unparalleled immersive experiences.


Optimized performance is the hallmark of games developed in C, delivering rapid processing and responsiveness for complex gameplay.


Swift empowers us to develop nimble and secure iOS games, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for all Apple enthusiasts.


With CryEngine's advanced rendering capabilities, experience the zenith of graphical fidelity and lifelike visuals in every game.


C++ stands at the core of high-performance game engines, enabling the creation of deeply complex and expansive gaming universes.


HTML5's cross-platform capabilities ensure your games are universally playable, from web browsers to mobile screens, with no compromise on quality.

To make requests for further
information, contact us Now

It takes less than a minute of your time.
Or you may simply call +61 3 9876 7487

Unveiling Our Unique Game Development Services.

Why Choose JK Lucent

Local Presence with Global Excellence

Benefit from the ease of collaboration with a Melbourne-based IT leader, offering the familiarity and legal assurance of an Australian company.

Cross-Continental Expertise

Our operations centre in India merges Australian innovation with India's rich tech talent pool, delivering top-tier game development services.

Cost-Effective Solutions without Compromise

Leverage our competitive pricing to build superior games, thanks to our efficient off-shore/on-shore business model.

Versatile Engagement Models

From partial to full-scale game development, our flexible engagement models are designed to suit your project's specific requirements.

Seamless Communication

Our on-the-ground Australian presence ensures clear communication, aligning perfectly with the expectations of Australian and NZ clients.

Cutting-Edge Technology

BWe harness the latest game development technologies to translate your vision into captivating gaming experiences.
Crafting Your Vision into Reality

Our Game Development Process

1. Conceptualization

Imagine and Inspire

Every great game begins with an idea. Share your vision with us, and together, we'll shape it into a compelling concept that resonates with players.

2. Design

Creation with Precision

Our expert developers bring the design to life, coding with precision on the latest platforms and technologies to build an exceptional gaming experience.

3. Development

Creation with Precision

Our expert developers bring the design to life, coding with precision on the latest platforms and technologies to build an exceptional gaming experience.

4. Testing

Refine and Perfect

Rigorous testing ensures that every aspect of the game is polished, providing a seamless and bug-free experience for your audience.

5. Launch

Release and Celebrate

We launch your game with fanfare, ensuring it makes a splash in the marketplace and captures the attention of players worldwide.

6. Support and Updates

Evolve and Enhance

Post-launch, we continue to support and update your game, keeping it fresh and engaging with new content and features.

Meet Your Game Development Dream Team

Your Vision, Our Mission

At JK Lucent, we blend Australian ingenuity with Indian innovation to turn your gaming dreams into virtual reality.

The Artisans Behind Your Game

Steering your project to success with transparent communication and industry-leading expertise.
Crafting compelling game worlds with a focus on engaging gameplay that resonates with players worldwide.
Harnessing the power of Unity, Unreal Engine, and more to build robust games that stand the test of time.
Ensuring every level, character, and line of code is polished to perfection for an impeccable user experience.
Providing ongoing assistance to keep your game at peak performance post-launch.

Your Local Gateway to Global Gaming

We're not just a service provider; we're your local partner with a global perspective. Based in Melbourne, with our heart in India, we offer the comfort of local communication with the benefits of offshore pricing.

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