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Game Testing Services by JK Lucent

Turning Potential into Perfection

In the realm of gaming, flawless performance and immersive experiences are not just goals—they’re expectations. At JK Lucent, we ensure your games not only meet but exceed the ever-evolving standards of gamers worldwide. With meticulous testing protocols, we are
the guardians of your gaming galaxy.

Our Game Testing Services

Unlock the full potential of your games with JK Lucent’s comprehensive testing suite. Our
Australian-led, India-powered team provides a spectrum of game testing services to ensure
your title excels in every aspect, from functionality to compliance.

Game Functional Testing

Navigate the intricate labyrinths of your game with our functional testing. We meticulously assess each element to validate that the gameplay is intuitive, objectives are achievable, and the end-to-end experience is nothing short of captivating.

Game Compatibility Testing

In the world of multi-device gamers, compatibility is key. We scrutinize your game on various devices, operating systems, and hardware configurations to guarantee a consistent and engaging experience, no matter where your players are.

Game Performance Testing

High scores in performance are non-negotiable. Our performance tests are designed to push your game to its limits, ensuring it runs smoothly, loads swiftly, and remains stable even under the most extreme conditions.

Game Automation Testing

Automated game testing is the cutting-edge solution for ensuring flawless gaming experiences. By leveraging automated frameworks, we seamlessly executes repetitive tasks, locates defects, and guarantees consistent quality across all gaming platforms.

Game Compliance Testing

Your game’s reputation is paramount. We ensure it aligns with regional and international standards, including age ratings and platform guidelines, paving the way for a global release that’s both compliant and competitive.

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Test Platforms



Whether your gamers are on Windows or Mac, we ensure your game delivers a stellar experience. Our comprehensive tests cover a multitude of system configurations, guaranteeing smooth gameplay on any desktop.



The mobile realm is diverse, but we make it unified in quality. We meticulously examine
your game across a range of devices, operating systems, and screen sizes, ensuring
responsiveness and touch-friendly interfaces.


(PlayStation/Xbox/ Nintendo)

Consoles are the heart of living room entertainment. We perform rigorous testing on the latest console generations to ensure your game fully leverages the hardware capabilities, providing an immersive experience.



The accessibility of browser games can't come with a compromise in quality. Our tests on multiple browsers ensure your game is ready for instant play, with quick load times and consistent performance..

Test Tools​

Appium & Ranorex

For seamless, high-caliber mobile gaming experiences.

Unity Test Tools

Perfecting gameplay within the world's leading game development platform.

Gatling & TestComplete

Stress-testing your game to its limits, assuring peak performance.


Visual testing to ensure your game looks as good as it plays.

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It takes less than a minute of your time.
Or you may simply call +61 3 9876 7487

Why Choose JK Lucent for Your Game Testing Needs?

Your Partner for Game Testing Excellence

Unmatched Local Understanding with Global Reach

The Best of Both Worlds

JK Lucent stands as a bridge between Australian and New Zealand gaming companies and the global market. Our Melbourne headquarters paired with our Thrissur operation centre means we combine local convenience with international expertise.

Competitive Edge Through Competitive Pricing

Quality Testing within Your Budget:

Our unique position allows us to offer premium game testing services at prices that keep you competitive. Benefit from our strategic location advantage without sacrificing quality.

Flexibility That Fits You

Custom Engagement Models

Whether you prefer onshore proximity or offshore value, we cater to your business model with flexible engagement options designed to meet your specific needs.

Avoid the Unforeseen, Assure the Unmatched

A Hassle-Free Experience

Choosing JK Lucent means smooth sailing through your game's testing phase. We mitigate risks and preemptively solve problems, ensuring a seamless path to market.

A Commitment to Your Vision

Your Game, Our Mission

Our game testers are not just technicians; they're custodians of your creative vision. They ensure your game performs flawlessly, resonates with players, and stands out in the crowded marketplace.

Our Proven Game Testing Process

Embark on a journey of meticulous testing and assured quality with JK Lucent. Our structured, transparent process ensures your game achieves technical brilliance and deep engagement.

Step 1

Understanding Your Vision

Our process begins with us delving into your game's world. We listen, learn, and align our strategies with your objectives, ensuring our tests reflect your game's mission.

Step 2

Tailored Test Planning

Crafting a custom test plan, we outline key milestones and testing phases. This tailored approach guarantees thorough coverage of all game aspects, from level design to final boss battles.

Step 3

Rigorous Testing Execution

With a blend of automated and manual testing, our team conducts extensive assessments. Functionality, compatibility, performance, and compliance – no stone is left unturned.

Step 4

Detailed Reporting and Feedback

We document our findings meticulously, providing clear, actionable insights. Our reports illuminate the path to refinement, ensuring your next steps are informed and impactful.

Step 5

Final Validation and Support

After iterations and improvements, we conduct final validations to confirm readiness. Even post-launch, we stand by you, offering ongoing support to keep your game at peak performance.

Meet Your Elite Game Test Team

At JK Lucent, your game is in the hands of specialists who are passionate about delivering gaming experiences that are nothing short of extraordinary. Get acquainted with the core team that will be with you at every level of the game testing process.

Project Manager

Your Strategic Game Planner

Guiding Your Game to Success: Your Project Manager is the strategic leader, ensuring your
game's journey from initial testing to final release is smooth, efficient, and aligned with your

Test Lead/Manager

Your Quality Champion

The mobile realm is diverse, but we make it unified in quality. We meticulously examine
your game across a range of devices, operating systems, and screen sizes, ensuring
responsiveness and touch-friendly interfaces.

Test Analyst

Your Bug Detective

Unearthing Issues, Ensuring Immersion: Test Analysts are your tireless bug detectives.
They delve deep into the game mechanics, narrative, and user interface, leaving no pixel

Partner with a Team That Plays to Win

Raise Your Game with JK Lucent

Your game deserves the best in the industry. Partner
with JK Lucent and our dedicated game test team for a winning strategy that ensures your
game not only plays well but also stands out in a competitive market.

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