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Every customer has a unique business requirement. One of the most important strategic decisions from a web app development perspective is to adopt the right engagement methodology between the customer and vendor, which appropriately fits the business. There is no one size fit for all, and the decision most often depends upon the project size, duration, budget and overall objective to achieve. The project’s success would most often rely on choosing the most appropriate engagement model for the business.


Choose the fit that’s right for your business

What is an engagement model?

The engagement model is the strategic relationship that the customer establishes with his IT partner after considering their specific business goals, budget and timeframe of delivery. Various types of engagement methodologies are followed as per standard IT practices. JK LUCENT offers most of these models, except tailoring something new as per the customer’s needs.


The modes of engagement which we offer to our customers are as below,

Fixed Cost Model

This is the most common and straightforward method of engagement which is generally appropriate when the project’s scope is well defined, the delivery time is limited(typically one to three months), and the budget is not flexible.

Time and Material Model

This is yet another popular engagement model that companies very commonly use. This model is usually followed in cases where the project scope is not well defined. The customer, in this case, will only have a business idea that needs to expand and explore.

Offshore development team

There could be scenarios in the business where your in-house team of engineers need to be ramped up quickly to cater to requirements that demand highly skilled personnel in specific tech domains or the need to increase the team size at a rapid pace to meet growing demand.

Dedicated resource model

This model comes in handy if the customer wants to manage intermittent spikes in a business that does not have long-term visibility. To avoid recruiting a new resource, the customer could use the dedicated resource model where a single or few resources could be contracted for a specific number of months.

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Choose the fit that’s right for your business

Which Engagement Model to Choose?

Choosing the right engagement model can be crucial to ensure that your project and organisation is geared to handle business challenges and achieve desired results. Selecting the right model could depend upon factors such as budget, time to market needs, delivery timelines, technology requirements, and finally, the flexibility and open-mindedness to work with multicultural distributed teams.


The best option would be to either engage in a fixed cost model or a dedicated resource model. This helps to get an overall understanding of the company’s work methodology, expertise, and commitment levels. In addition, future engagement modes could be chalked based on the overall experience of doing business. Making the right choice of the model that suits the business often ensures that you get the best value for money, smoother execution, and customer satisfaction.



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