Application Re-Engineering

We use modern programming languages, tools and technologies to improve your existing application performance, agility, scalability and user interface.

Applications need to be continuously updated due to the rapid advancement in technology and sudden shifts in business models. Legacy applications tend to become outdated over time and will be unable to efficiently meet customer requirements or market demands.

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What we do in Application Re-Engineering.

We Re-engineer Applications Based on Your Current & Future Requirements

At JK Lucent, our application re-engineering services will ensure that your application or software evolves to meet the ever changing and growing public demands. Our application developers and reengineering experts will analyse your existing software solutions and applications to provide you with the best resources, technology, cloud platforms etc to keep your product updated. Over the years, we have worked with clients across Australia, Europe and India in improving or transforming their existing application so that it works efficiently, provides better ROI and meets customer demands . Our re-engineered applications can adapt to your existing business infrastructure without any disruption and are capable of operating on existing operational architecture.

Be part of Australia’s Leading Application Re-Engineering Company.

Why Choose JK Lucent’s App Re-Engineering Services

Application More Flexible

With the advancements in technology, it is imperative that the application must be able to integrate the latest tech features such as AI, Big Data & ML

Reduce Costs

With our application reengineering services you do not have to build a new application from scratch.

Mitigate Risks

Our expert app and software engineers can enhance your existing codes and implement newer features such that the previous challenges are mitigated.

Faster Applications

Modernizing a traditional application or migrating it to a cloud platform can have significant benefits on the application.

Expand App Capabilities

Application reengineering services are mainly leveraged because existing or legacy applications are unable to meet growing demands.

Process More Data

Application or software users will increase over time. It is imperative that your app is capable of handling large volumes of users without any disruptions in services.

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Be part of Australia’s Leading Application Re-Engineering Company.

Why Choose JK Lucent’s App Re-Engineering Services

Application Assessment

Our application engineers at JK LUcent will assess your existing traditional or monolithic applications to create a re-engineering roadmap.

Database Changes

Based on our client requirements, we utilize proprietary tools and processes for reengineering legacy databases.

Language Upgradation

Our developers have expertise in a wide variety of modern tools and languages including JavaScript, Swift, Scala, Go, Python, Elm, Ruby and C#.

Application Testing

Our application reengineering services not only recreates your application but will also test it under real life conditions to ensure that it works just as it should.

User Interface Conversion

We can reengineer everything from the look and feel of your application to functionality, add new features and improve UI/UX.

Improve app maintainability

Our cloud engineers will assist your business in implementing a SaaS delivery model that simplifies framework updates.

Be part of Australia’s Leading Application Re-Engineering Company.

Application Migration Services

JK Lucent is a recognized cloud migration services provider across Australia, Europe and India. Over the years our cloud experts have assisted organizations to migrate workloads, data, and applications to the cloud. We leverage resources from leading Cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure & Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide the best cloud solutions to customers all across the globe. Every enterprise faces low resilience, security, efficiency and scalability issues from applications on traditional infrastructure. The best way for such enterprises to overcome those challenges is to migrate to a much more advanced cloud platform. With years of expertise in cloud migration, the team of professionals at JK Lucent can help you define migration road maps, perform cloud readiness assessments, and execute a smooth transition to the cloud.

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