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Ensure reduced errors and faster product releases with JK Lucent’s Test Automation and Manual Testing Services.

A small failure in an application or software can have a heavy impact on sales, brand reputation and customer satisfaction. At JK Lucent, our expert Automation or Manual Testers and QA analysts ensure that your product is of the highest quality before delivery.

Flawless Testing Service Provider in Australia

We Ensure Quality & Enhance Customer Experience with Testing Services

Our testing services are an absolutely critical element in ensuring that software and applications perform as expected, are delivered on time, and don’t threaten business continuity during deployment. JK Lucent’s has gained immense reputation over the years in QA and software testing services. We have a wide array of satisfied clients across Australia, Europe and India, who have met customer requirements and user expectations with efficient products or software solutions. The QA teams and testing experts at JK Lucent have years of expertise in both functional and non-functional testing as well as in QA Consulting. We also offer high-end testing infrastructures, test labs and test generators to stimulate real world conditions and ensure your application will perform efficiently in the real world.

Flawless Testing Service Provider in Australia

Functional Testing Services for Web & Mobile Applications

JK Lucent’s Functional Testing Services for Web & Mobile Applications ensures that our customer requirements and functions of the solution meets the initial demands. Our functional testing experts make sure that your software performs exactly how it is designed to do. With functional testing, we detect and prevent defects early in the product life cycle as well as Isolate potential quality issues to reduce time to resolution. Our Software testers ensure that new features & enhancements do not have unintended consequences to existing software quality. JK Lucent’s Software testing services aim to measure the performance quality of the functional components. Our testing experts and QA analysts practice a thorough framework based strategy as discussed with the client when conducting functional, Graphical User Interface (GUI), database and regression testing. JK Lucent’s Functional Testing Services also include:

Performance Verification Test (PVT)

Application Programming Interface (API) Testing

System Integration Testing (SIT)

Software Testing

Continuous Testing using CICD pipelines

Regression Testing

Automation Test Suite & Framework

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

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Web Application Testing Services

Your web application must remain efficient on any browser or OS. Our Web Application Testing Services ensures that everything from your website’s average load speed to peak performance is constant and efficient. 

Mobile Application Testing Services

Our expert mobile applications testers will test your iOS, Android or Hybrid applications under real circumstances using traffic generators and emulators. We will identify the defects, breaking points and other application related issues.

Software Testing Services

Whether you have enterprise software or large scale industrial management applications, our software testing services will offer you a software focused approach for testing. 

Flawless Testing Service Provider in Australia

Non-Functional Testing Services

JK Lucent’s Non Functional testing services are designed to give your solutions an edge in the areas of Security, Performance, Usability, and Compatibility. Our professional team of Non Functional testing experts, incorporate the best test tools, methods and years of expertise to put these testing techniques to work for you. With Non-functional testing, our tester analyzes deeper into your product to make sure both the hardware and software can handle heavy loads, withstand security threats, and function efficiently on all platforms or architectures. JK Lucent’s accredited testing laboratory offers reliable non-functional testing services across multiple verticals and for various platforms such as desktop, mobile and web services testing.

Security Testing Services

In the age of digital technology and online dependence, the biggest concern for enterprises and business owners is system security. At JK Lucent our Security testing services will help identify areas in solutions that could be affected by security threats. 

Performance Testing Services

Our Performance Testing Services implements a series of tests that empowers our testing experts to identify performance parameters such as system response time, load speed, CPU usage, storage or memory usage, speed of APIs etc. At JK Lucent, we also provide different types of performance testing services such as:

Usability Testing Services

Our Usability Testing Services ensures the software, application or product is tested at multiple stages of product design and development life cycle. Therefore, usability or ease of use of each module is tested individually, rather than waiting for the complete product development. Our testers ensure that the User Interfaces (UI), User Experience (UX), User Friendliness and other usability parameters are integrated into the final product.

Compatibility Testing Services

We understand every enterprise wants to provide customers with services on any platform, device, browser or operating systems. JK Lucent’s Compatibility Testing Services makes sure that your enterprise application or software operates efficiently across multiple mobile devices, OS types, Browsers, or even your legacy business architecture. Our testers ensure the application is responsive, constant and performs effectively on any given platform, thus providing customer satisfaction no matter their devices.

Flawless Testing Service Provider in Australia

JK Lucent’s Test Automation and Manual Testing Services

Our testing services offer both Test Automation and Manual Testing services according to your product requirements. We employ testing engineers who are proficient in manual testing and can prepare dataset or scenarios to trigger the right inputs or actions. You can also leverage our Test Automation services to accelerate testing and deploy products at a much faster rate. Based on your requirements, our testing experts and test engineers prepare a strategy taking into consideration project requirements, development methodology, and deployment process. Our team of testers then outline the objectives, select testing methods or architectures, define automation scope, and make a decision on tools best suited to gain maximum efficiency.

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