Client Overview

Our client is at the forefront of innovation in the global supply chain industry. They collaborate with experts worldwide to prepare for the next generation of changes in supply, demand, and logistics services. With over twenty years of domain experience, the client offers a suite of software applications, techno-products, consulting, and R&D services to help organizations transform their supply chain goals, bridge existing gaps, and build a sustainable digital roadmap.


The client sought to develop a comprehensive logistics suite to enhance the efficiency and transparency of their supply chain operations. The suite includes:

      1. Transport Management System (TMS)
            2. Warehouse Management System (WMS)
   3. Freight Management System (FMS)
4. Routing App (Android & iOS)

Our Solution

JK Lucent partnered with the client to design and develop a robust logistics suite tailored to their specific needs. Our solution included:

Transport Management System:

Facilitated the efficient management of transportation operations by optimizing routes, scheduling, and tracking. This system reduced operational costs and improved delivery times through advanced algorithms and real-time data analytics.

Warehouse Management System

Streamlined warehouse operations by implementing automated inventory tracking, real-time stock updates, and efficient picking and packing processes. This system enhanced inventory accuracy, reduced labor costs, and improved overall warehouse productivity.

Freight Management System:

Enabled better management of freight operations by providing tools for shipment planning, carrier selection, and freight billing. The system optimized shipping routes, reduced transit times, and provided real-time tracking for better visibility and control.

Routing App

Developed a user-friendly mobile application for Android and iOS that provided real-time routing information, GPS tracking, and delivery status updates. The app enhanced on-the-go decision-making for drivers and improved communication between the warehouse and delivery teams.

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Ensuring seamless integration of the new systems with the client’s existing infrastructure was a significant challenge. We needed to create APIs and middleware solutions to enable communication between legacy systems and the new logistics suite, ensuring data consistency and minimizing disruptions

Real-Time Data

Providing real-time visibility of transactions and logistics data to all stakeholders required robust data processing and analytics capabilities. We implemented advanced data streaming technologies and a scalable cloud infrastructure to handle large volumes of data and deliver real- time insights.


Building scalable solutions that could handle the growing volume of supply chain operations was crucial. Our team designed the system architecture to be modular and scalable, leveraging microservices and cloud- native technologies to ensure the platform could easily scale with increasing demand.

User Adoption

Designing intuitive interfaces to ensure quick adoption and ease of use by the end users was essential. We conducted user research and usability testing to create a user-friendly design, provided comprehensive training sessions, and developed detailed user manuals to facilitate smooth onboarding.

Results Achieved

The new logistics suite significantly improved operational efficiency, reducing transportation and warehouse management costs by optimizing routes, automating processes, and enhancing inventory accuracy.

Real-Time Visibility

Achieved real-time visibility of supply chain operations, providing stakeholders with accurate and timely data for better decision- making and quicker response times to any issues.


The scalable design of the systems supported the expansion of the client’s operations, allowing them to handle increased volumes without performance degradation or system outages.

User Satisfaction

Received positive feedback from users for the intuitive design and functionality of the new systems and applications, which resulted in higher user adoption rates and improved overall satisfaction.

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