Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation

We can fill the resource gap of your in-house team with remote professionals completely dedicated to your project for a chosen period.

Our resource and staff augmentation services will enable your enterprise to hire on-demand expert professionals quickly for full-scale development. Businesses across Australia, Canada, and India leverage our IT staff augmentation services to achieve their goal faster, and cost-efficiently, bypassing every speed bump related to recruiting, sourcing, and retaining software engineers.

Flawless and customised IT staff augmentation services

Why Choose Our IT Staff Augmentation Service?

JK Lucent’s provides the exact number of qualified professionals your business needs with the tools required to streamline your project. Our IT team is experienced in advanced technologies, modern cloud architectures, and industry-specific knowledge. With the right professional resource, your business can significantly boost project performances, enhance existing employee productivity, and deliver with faster time to market. If your company is looking to immediately find the right fit for hard-to-fill or temporary IT positions, which boosts the scalability and efficiency of project developments, then JK Lucent has the perfect resources for you. 


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Lower Development Costs

Rather than employing new staff, you can simply hire expert resources temporarily for your projects. Our Resource Augmentation Services will help you significantly reduce expenses and development costs because you can close the contract once the project is completed. 

Zero Recruitment Headache

JK Lucent is a resource augmentation services company that considerably eliminates the need for enterprises to recruit directly. Recruitment becomes our responsibility, and we’re good at finding qualified candidates who are eager and ready to work for your business requirements. 


Lower Operational Costs

The cost of office space, utility bills, and office maintenance are high in countries like the United States, Europe, and Australia. By outsourcing your IT projects to JK Lucent, your business will not have to increase office space, equipment, and maintenance expenditures when adding team members. 


Less Legal Responsibility & Paperwork

When your business leverages our Resource Augmentation Services, we act as an official employer. That means your HR teams will not have to bother about taxes, employee payroll, work benefits, etc. JK Lucent will carry legal responsibility and handle all the paperwork, so you don’t have to.

Direct Access to IT Specialists

By leveraging our IT resource augmentation services, we provide your business with direct access to expert tech specialists whenever needed. Your project managers will be able to choose the right professionals based on your project demands.

Shorter Time to Market

JK Lucent’s IT resource augmentation services provide your business the speed, expertise, and flexibility needed to enhance the project and deliver it on time. Our professional specialists can provide assistance or support to your in-house team and speed up the development process.




Your consultants will never have to say “No, unfortunately, we don’t provide that service” to your clients. With JK Lucent’s resource augmentation services, your company can significantly expand the technical team based on client requirements. Thus increasing operational efficiency and client satisfaction.  



Operational Efficiency

A business’s operations include all the things it does to create products or services. If your operations aren’t efficient you could be wasting money and effort. Efficient operations are cost-effective, reducing waste while maintaining quality and service.

To make requests for further
information, contact us Now

It takes less than a minute of your time.
Or you may simply call +61 3 9876 7487

Flawless and customised IT staff augmentation services

Our Resource Augmentation Process

Our resource or IT staff augmentation process is quick and simple. Your business can hire our expert professionals in a matter of weeks, without the hassle of any recruiting process or extensive paperwork. You need to only pay for the services that you require and can achieve your IT objectives with increased performance, reduced time to market, and low business volatility risks.

Identifying talent gaps

We can help identify the areas where you need resource augmentation and professional assistance, or we analyze the requirements based on your client demands.


Once our talent meets your demands, we will help you quickly complete the onboarding process by settling the terms and conditions, signing contracts and NDAs.

Work integration

Employee onboarding will only take a few weeks and after that our expert tech and IT specialists can be a part of your team as long as your project requires.

Flawless and customised IT staff augmentation services

What Sets Us Apart From Competitors

JK Lucent’s ability to take on large-scale IT and technical projects on short notice and provide exceptional services is what sets us apart from competitors. Over the years, we have partnered with companies in the USA, Australia, and Europe to deliver world-class support and undisrupted expertise.  

Time Zone

Our remote employees working from India will ensure that a significant time overlap is maintained for clients in different time zones & geographical locations.

English Proficiency

Our employees are highly proficient in the English language and will guarantee smooth effortless communication throughout the project life cycle.

Maintain Oversight & Control

Our developers quickly integrate themselves into your internal team’s processes, report directly to in-house management, and participate actively in daily meetings and progress reports.

Security Protocols

Our managers will ensure that your project requirements stay confidential and proper safety protocols and GDPR compliances are maintained.

Multi-technology Talent Pool

We ensure that your projects will be allocated only with the top talents in the industry. You can conduct interviews to make sure the employee meets your demands.

Workflow Processes

Transparent and constant communication with resources will ensure that the project workflow process is not disrupted.

Flawless and customised IT staff augmentation services

Our Staff Augmentation Services Offer

Our Resource and IT Staff Augmentation Services offer professional technical experts who design, develop, and deliver innovative, high-quality services. We provide resources that can assist with any of your IT projects and create meaningful growth and value for your business. Leverage JK Lucent’s staff augmentation services to select highly-skilled individuals to join your in-house team on projects that need expert guidance or more resources. We have experts that are capable of meeting your business needs as well as your clients’ demands. JK Lucent’s team of tech professionals are always up to date and are proficient in all the latest frameworks, languages, etc. 



UX / UI designers


Technical Writers

Business analysts

Test automation engineers

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