Client Overview

Our client manages an extensive network of public health facilities across a vast region in the South West of Victoria. Since its inception, their mission has been to integrate advanced technology to boost the efficiency and quality of healthcare services provided.

Project Background

The client was determined to modernize their digital infrastructure to improve user
interactions across their network. The project aimed to overhaul their existing website and
customer interface using a cutting-edge Drupal-based framework on Acquia, hosted on
AWS, to provide enhanced content management and user experience.

Challenges Faced

High Reliability Requirements

Critical healthcare services demanded unmatched system reliability and responsiveness.

Complex Integrations

Integrating diverse healthcare services into a unified digital platform.

Stringent Non-Functional Requirements

Meeting high standards for system performance, security, and usability.

Our Solution

JK Lucent deployed a comprehensive testing strategy encompassing functional, automation, and performance testing to address these challenges head-on:

Test Strategy and Planning

Developed a detailed approach to tackle both expectedand unforeseen issues, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

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Implementation Details

Manual Testing

Our team conducted extensive manual testing to ensure that every user journey reflected the real-world scenarios that hospital staff and patients might encounter. This included testing for usability, accessibility, and error handling to guarantee that the system was intuitive and user-friendly for all stakeholders.

Automation Testing:

Automation Framework Development

We developed a robust automation
framework to facilitate rapid testing cycles, which was crucial for timely
feedback and iterative improvements during the development phase.

Regression Testing Suite​

An extensive suite of automated regression testswas implemented to ensure new code deployments did not adversely affect existing functionalities.

Performance, Load, and Stress Testing

Workload Modeling

We modeled expected and peak loads, including patient registration surges, appointment bookings, and data retrieval operations to understand the system’s behavior under various load conditions.

Stress Testing

Simulated extreme conditions to determine the system’s
breaking points and recovery capabilities. This was critical in understanding the maximum capacity limits and the resilience of the infrastructure.

Results Achieved

The system consistently met all predefined performance criteria, handling peak loads with high responsiveness and minimal downtime.

Enhanced System Stability

Our rigorous testing protocols led to significant improvements in system stability and user satisfaction.

System Scalability

The new platform demonstrated excellent scalability, capable of supporting an increasing number of users and complex data interactions without performance degradation.

Business Impact

Streamlined Operations

The modernized platform significantly streamlined operations, reducing time spent on administrative processes and allowing healthcare staff to focus more on patient care.

Increased Stakeholder Confidence

The successful project execution and the robustness of the new system significantly boosted confidence among hospital boards and stakeholders, reinforcing our client’s position as a leader in healthcare innovation.

Enhanced User Engagement

With a more intuitive and responsive interface, the platform saw increased engagement from both staff and patients, leading to improved healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.


This case study exemplifies JK Lucent's ability to deliver complex software testing solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations in critical sectors like healthcare. Our methodical approach and dedication to quality assurance ensure that IT transformations lead to tangible improvements in service delivery and user satisfaction.

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